Spring is indeed right around the corner, and we are SUPER excited. The rebirth of all things nature, and just as important, beautiful weather! We have spoken in our previous posts about the upcoming spring hair trends, now it’s Makeups turn. Believe me we are in for some adventurous looks, we may (or may not) have to step out of our comfort zones for some of these. Lets take a look!

Lips, lips, lips! Statement lips are all the rage, and we’re all about that life. Nothing spices up your drab morning like an exciting lip color, it’s the center of your look for the day, nothing but some face powder and mascara is necessary with this bold look. So if you think about it, it’s actually quite simple. Besides having to stay inside the lines, or do you?

Blue shadows and liners, say what? Yes, blue, it’s happening, it’s here, and it’s beautiful (if done correctly and in moderation.) The new spin on the classic 1970’s look has been all over NYFW runways, and already embraced by many. Keep in mind this isn’t your average pastel blue, the brighter, and more sparkly the better.


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