Stylist / Color Specialist

Born and raised in New York City of Italian immigrant parents. I worked in the banking industry for 8+ years after graduating college with a B.B.A. They say if you do what you love, it’s like never working a day in your life. So I decided to try something different and see where it takes me. After 30+ years and counting, I am still a hairdresser and I love what I do. I started my cosmetology career at Saks Fifth Avenue Beauty Salon as the assistant to the artistic director Maurice Tidy (who was one of the first 8 graduating students trained by Vidal Sassoon). The experience and training received there was priceless. The salon consisted of 144 employees and serviced some of the most interesting people in NYC. Within the 8 years at the salon, I had the opportunity to assist on a photoshoot for Bain de Terre for Vogue magazine and frequently participated in the in-house fashion shows for various departments at Saks Fifth Avenue store. 

I met my husband, got married and moved several times for his work. First  move was to Providence, Rhode Island, second move to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Each move required me to start over and rebuild a clientele. I  realized it doesn’t matter where you live, all clients want to look their best. I enjoy looking at hair wherever I am. When I see a nice look I decipher it and break down the steps needed to create that look.  Attended over 100 in-person classes throughout the years and rarely missed  the International Beauty Show in NYC. I enjoy completing the overall look  with cut and/or color service.

Every client is special, and I appreciate and enjoy my relationship with clients, working in a beautiful salon environment and enjoy doing my part in educating clients about their hair and making clients look and feel their best. So, after all these years, I still feel like I never worked a day in my life.

Haircuts $100
Single Process Retouch $105+
Single Process Full Length $135+
Mini Highlight $135+
Partial Highlight $180+
Full Highlight $200+
Process/Platinum Retouch $210+