The Salon V “Head Spa” – A Facial for the Scalp

Dry or oily, itchy or flaky?

These undesirable scalp conditions have been found to originate from one common root cause – excess fatty acids from the scalp. Bouts of dandruff, increased hair loss, problems with overproduction of oil may all be signs of a polluted and clogged scalp pore.

Salon V introduces a new signature scalp treatment inspired by the Japanese “Head Spa” – a facial for the scalp.

Specifically formulated to revitalize and maintain scalp health, this treatment incorporates a personalized approach for maximum results.

Your technician will first perform a microscopic scalp analysis to evaluate your condition. This is followed by an invigorating aromatherapy scalp cleanse to remove dirt and oil buildup within the pore, and is finished with a soothing, hydrating treatment using massage and heat to normalize the scalp.

This 60-minute in-salon service deeply cleanses and stimulates the scalp leaving it refreshed and relieved, while the relaxing head massage and aromatherapy soothes the body and mind.

Benefits include:

• Detoxes hair and scalp
• Restores hair’s volume and shine
• Alleviates scalp issues – prevents hair loss, dandruff, excess oil, odor
• Eases headache and eye strain
• Relaxes body and mind
• Anti-aging effects such as softening facial lines

Enjoy the Head Spa Scalp Treatment as a stand-alone service, including blowout for $150, or as an add-on service for $90.


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